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    a wikimedia type page with every song on it to stream freely and fully compatible with windows live messengers show what you are listening tool


    a wikimedia type page named "wikilisten", featuring every known and recorded song to man, free and able to work fully with WLM and WLM's "show what you are listening to" tool. the site itself could generate millions of hits a day, and with every song on one site the need to look elsewhere for music would be un needed, youtube would become dormant, and also provide a chance for up and coming musicians to post there songs and once a day an administrator posts it on the main page for everyone to listen to


    Instead of looking around endlessly just click on wikiliisten and listen away, no need to use up countless gigabytes on mp3's when they're all online

    Key Questions

    Potential Costs

    • Software?
    • Hardware several Million per anum for that capacity
    • Royalty payments for all this music, maybe a billion a year?
    • some legal fees

    potention costs of around $10,000 - $25,000


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