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    Wikipedia is supposed to be editable by all and show the agreed upon truth. However, wikipedia locks many articles so they can only be edited by people with accounts or even in some cases only by administrators. Wikipedia also tends to delete entries that don't meet Wikipedia policy on neutrality and verifiability.

    Particularly the wiki pages for many high profile living people are locked and missing chunks of information and gossip especially re unsourced controversies.


    I propose that Wikipedia release information that they are uncomfortable with but are important parts of American history.


    Your website has become (unfortunately) an important source of information for many people.

    Key Questions

    Read about the search results German citizens get in Germany when they search for Holocaust information. Is it okay to censor history?

    Potential Costs

    • Extra legal costs if we allow people to publish gossip and slander instead of as we do now requiring information on living people to be reliably sourced, especially negative information.
    • Loss of our integrity
    • Loss of those of our editors who are here to build an encyclopaedia, not an unsourced slander sheet
    • Loss of most if not all our current funding.


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