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A version of Wikipedia that can be utilized on a Sony PlayStation 3


Making a Blu-Ray version of Wikipedia (in any given language) that would be fun, interactive, and informative at the same time for the Sony PlayStation 3 console.


In the past, Sony PlayStation games have only been educational for the 3-12 crowd (i.e., Barbie, Dora the Explorer, Rugrats). Why not create a version of Wikipedia that older users can use to learn more about the world without tying up the family computer?

Key Questions

  • Will there be a way to upgrade the content on the Wikipedia PS3 Blu-Ray?
  • Will people have to buy Wikipedia for PS3 every six months to remain up to date?
    • No, though many large updates might begin to take up a considerable amount of hard drive space for some users, and they might eventually have to buy a new copy with more content on the disk in order to free up drive space; in most cases however, this is rather unlikely.
  • How can you make Wikipedia into an interactive game but keep it as a respectable encyclopedia?
  • What kind of genre can Wikipedia be best as an interactive game? RPG, action/adventure, strategy, simulation, God game, or game show?
  • Will all the contributors be inserted in at the end of each article or in the credits section of the main menu?

Potential Costs

  • Trying to re-work the encyclopedia into something that a PlayStation 3 can play
  • Hiring game designers to make Wikipedia more "gamey" and less like school
  • Getting it rated by the various rating boards (ESRB, PEGI, CERO, etc.)
  • Trying to get the game into mainstream outlets (i.e., Wal-Mart, EB Games, Game Stop, Zellers, K-Mart)
  • Possible costs associated with bandwidth for game updates, either with Sony, or directly on WMF's server bill, depending on what content providers get when putting material on PSN.


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