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This proposal is associated with the bolded strategic priorities below.

  1. Achieve continued growth in readership.
  2. Focus on quality content
  3. Increase Participation.
  4. Stabilize and improve the infrastructure
  5. Encourage Innovation


All sorts of public and private events happen all the time - Conventions, fairs, conferences. Have a Wikipedia Lounge or booth at each of these where wiki editors can meet each other and those who haven't editted yet can talk to editors.


Every day round the world there are conferences, exhibitions, conventions, fairs.

These are held by all sorts of groups - political parties, science fiction fans, librarians, knitters, re-enactors, engineers, scientists.

Most of the people at these events have some sort of shared interest and there are a number of Wikipedia pages associated with this interests which could be improved.

Some of the people at the event edit wiki pages related to it. More read these pages and could edit. Getting these people together seems like a good idea.

Possible actions - pick any from the list below (cheapest first):

  • Give away "I edit Wikipedia - Ask me how!" badges to anyone willing to wear them.
  • Post fliers for a "Meet the Wikipedians" meet-up in the bar after the presentations.
  • Arrange with the organisers to have a wikimedia booth where experienced editors could be available to meet and talk to anyone interested. This would mostly be manned by volunteers. This can also do a little fundraising/publicity by selling/giving away badges, tee shirts, wikipedia books.
  • Arrange workshops on editting wikimedia. (This needs computers and internet connectivity).
  • Provide free WiFi "Sponsored by Wikimedia" near our booth, available for anyone - donations gratefully accepted.
  • Have a "Wikipedia lounge" - a room with chairs and wifi and coffee where people can come and hang out and chat to wikipedians and check their email - donations gratefully accepted.


  • Outreach to existing editors. A way for existing editors to meet each other, especially editors associated with a particular speciality or project. It is also another way for people to support the project, separate from editting.
  • Outreach to new Readers and editors. The people who attend these types of meetings are often the type of amateur subject experts who are could edit wikimedia projects but need a little hand holding to get them started. Others may be the sort of enthusiasttic but not expert who really want the pages related to their enthusuiasm to be great. We can show these how they can contribute by helping format and organise the pages.
  • Wikimedia is presented in relation to the particular specialist subject that those attending the event are already interested in, and is presented by wikimedians who are interested in that particular subject therefore it can be more accessible than if it were the entire project.

Key Questions

  • Are existing editors interested in doing this?
  • Are event organisers interested in giving us space or letting us have low cost space in the community area?

Potential Costs

Not all of the costs below will apply in every case.

  • "I edit Wikipedia. Ask me how!" badges
  • Materials for a booth - banner, cash box, fliers, stuff to sell and give away - plus a way to get these from event to event and to store them between events.
  • Computers for workshop.
  • Wifi hub and account.


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