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A musical comedy about Wikipedia that educates people about the online encyclopedia while entertaining them at the same time


Wikipedia: The Musical would be an ideal presentation to show off the history of the free online encyclopedia but in a comedic (but inoffensive) way that Wikipedians and non-Wikipedians can laugh about. It would consists of seven very logical heroes, some super silly villains, and a futuristic cyberpunk setting.


There hasn't been a musical about Wikipedia yet and I figure it would be a way to advertise the encyclopedia without making it look like an advertisment?

Key Questions

  • Do we start in Broadway or Toronto?
  • Where are we going to get the actors? Composer? Lyricist? Book writer?
  • What kind of roles can we make up for this Wikipedia musical?
    • Jimbo Wales
    • Others
  • Do we give a free Wikipedia DVD-ROM to everyone that comes to the performance or the first 100 people?
  • Do we make the musical only in English or in other languages as well?

Potential costs

Actors, musicians, stage rental, set(s), costumes, props, director, conductor, producer, advertising, copying the music/script, rehearsal space, technical equipment/lighting/sound, technical director/designers


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