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    The Wikipedians against Global Warming Foundation is a foundation that will convince people that using Wikipedia is superior to driving their privately owned vehicles to their local libraries and museums.


    We have to get people away from automobiles and have them learn on-line at home instead; saving fossil fuels and preventing global warming. Teach them that the knowledge that they can learn at home is more valuable than the information they have to get outside of their homes.


    Automobiles and factories cause global warming so getting automobiles off the road can help reduce the risk of global warming. Teach them how to get to see the attractions mentioned on Wikipedia personally using either mass transit, bicycles, or through walking (GPS instructions and/or mass transit information).

    Key Questions

    • Why do people need automobiles to gather information?
    • What can we do to get people closer to information so they don't need automobiles to gather information?
    • How can we get people to walk more to get information (if they cannot afford Internet access)?
    • How can mass transit be used to get information?
    • How can GPS instructions allow people to walk or use a bicycle to get to see local stuff mentioned on Wikipedia more quickly?

    Potential Costs

    Time for the volunteers and money for things like advertising, awareness, administration, and general upkeep


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