Summary:Talk:Task force/Wikipedia Quality/Quality Task Force Process

From Strategic Planning
Starting point

MissionInn.Jim proposed a process for the taskforce (link):

  1. Agree on a framework for the taskforce, and how recommendations will be developed, including what subpages will be needed
  2. Define the objectives of the taskforce, and the definition of Quality using Woodwalker's defintion as a starting point
  3. Itemize all known Quality Issues (QI) and Barriers to Quality
  4. Prioritize the list of issues
  5. Itemize the solutions that have already been proposed, including those here
  6. Identify and assign research tasks.
  7. Associate each proposal with one or more issues
  8. Develop one proposal at a time, starting with the proposal that will best address the highest priority issue.

Randomran noted a similar process was being followed at the Community Health taskforce, and that ensuring issues and solutions were backed up with data would also help.