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Quality Task Force Process

Quality Task Force Process

I suggest that this Task Force prepare a plan and approach to develop some proposals, since we have been asked to deliver our proposals by January 12, 2010. I have started a crude outline [User:MissionInn.Jim/QualityTF1 here]. If you find it useful, I would suggest moving it to a subpage of the project, and all participants can add to and help build the plan. I also suggest we give ourselves some dates to complete each step.

You all seem to have a lot more experience and history related to Wikipedia and its sister projects than I do, so I don't know if I can contribute much to the discussion. I also don't seem to have enough time. I'm having trouble just reading all the new postings. I hope you find this helpful.

MissionInn.Jim15:19, 28 November 2009

Obviously my link didn't work. Any suggestions on where I can learn more about how this discussion thread tool works?

MissionInn.Jim15:23, 28 November 2009

Single brackets are for HTML, so you should have put in a full URL. Or you can do a wikilink like this -- double brackets, with a pipe code in between.

Your outline is similar to what we're doing at community health... you want to spend some time discussing the problem before you jump in with solutions. The only thing I might add is that it would be helpful to back up your sense of the problem (and solutions) with data. You'll probably persuade WMF to follow your recommendations if you support them with good research.

Randomran16:23, 28 November 2009

Oops. I guess I knew how to set up the link. I just did it wrong. Thanks Randomran. I also added an activity to identify and assign research tasks.

MissionInn.Jim17:10, 28 November 2009


I have proposed above an approach that may answer some of your questions and give you (and me) an easier way to digest all this material. It is great that you are giving the project some of your time. All suggestions are welcome. I second Randomran's guidelines, although sometimes getting out of the box ideas or hearing the same idea a second time is extremely helpful.

I am also having trouble with Liquid Threads (LT) so I hope the suggestion I made above will work.

Bhneihouse19:06, 28 November 2009

One of the problems I have with LiquidThreads is I don't know what "above" means when you say you have proposed an approach "above". The order of the threads keeps shifting. Which specific thread are you referring to? Thanks.

MissionInn.Jim20:53, 28 November 2009

My apologies. Click on the "beginning" thread.

Bhneihouse04:05, 29 November 2009