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The proposal link is void.--Yaroslav Blanter 18:19, 29 July 2009 (UTC)Reply

This is an old comment, but for the record, this was fixed. :-) --Eekim 15:01, 20 August 2009 (UTC)Reply


We're planning on launching a site-wide appeal for participation on September 7, 2009. In addition to pointing people to this Wiki and asking people to talk about the project, we're asking people to submit their email addresses and areas of expertise so that we could potentially contact them at a later date.

User:Philippe was investigating some combination of a MediaWiki form extension and an OTRS queue as a way to collect this information, but deeper investigations have not been fruitful thus far. Do folks have suggestions on what we can use? Please, if you're planning on suggesting ideas, do a bit of investigation to see if it seems viable first. We've looked at a lot of extensions already.

The application would be an HTML form translated into multiple languages, although we'd only accept applications in English. We're asking for people's email addresses and permission to contact them later for questions, so we're concerned about spoofing. We'd probably want a simple email confirmation and reCAPTCHA. This will need to be machine readable. Reliability is huge. The results should be queryable and subject to the Wikimedia privacy policy. This would go into a private database. Again, we're asking for email addresses; otherwise, we would simply ask people to dump their information here.

Thoughts appreciated --Eekim 15:11, 20 August 2009 (UTC)Reply

  • Why don´t you use the email system build in mediawiki. You could tell at the site-wide appeal for participation to go to meta, where via Unified login, the editors will get an user account. With that user account the users could mail to, for example user:strategie wiki, and tell their areas of expertise. I don´t know where a re:mail from user:strategie wiki will go - meta or the home wiki? I don´t know if this would function, but it is very easy to test. Maybe there will be several ways and the users could choose which way they want to give you the information. --Goldzahn 16:02, 20 August 2009 (UTC)Reply
    • That's kind of a high barrier of entry (they have to unify their account, etc) and assumes that they will actually have a Wikimedia account. Not all of those responding will. I'm also concerned that the output wouldn't be machine readable...but it's thinking creatively and maybe it will stir some other idea. -- Philippe 16:53, 20 August 2009 (UTC)Reply

If the users don´t go to meta, you can go to all the 200+ Wikipedias, Wikinews, etc and open an account via unified login. Then you setup on strategy-wiki a page where editors similar to Call for proposals write some info via an inputbox into: project, homewiki, username and sign with for tildes (wikipedia en username sign). You will find there what is possible. The inputbox should have additionally a preloaded template. With that info you are able to mail them from their homewiki in mediawiki a text plus where to remail. They remail (outside mediawiki) their area of expertise and their email addresses. If the area of expertise is one of the categories displayed in Call for proposals it should be possible to automate the readings. Maybe the category could be written in the email message header? The problem is now that you might get very much contacts. Maybe a wikibot could do the wiki-mailings? That bot has to login in 200+ Wikiprojekts. I don´t know if that is possible, because I have no experiences with bots. My proposal will not work if they don´t have a Wikimedia account. --Goldzahn 20:54, 20 August 2009 (UTC)Reply