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Talk:Emerging strategic priorities/ESP 2 key questions/What should we do to ensure our materials are available to people who don't yet have internet access, or who may never have internet access?

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Email interface with proper revision control

    • Dial-up users might appreciate an email interface with proper revision control and - possibly - non-mandatory locking. This might be a useful application the Wikimedia foundation could donate to OLPC and similar projects. The user would be able to read an offline Wikipedia but request current articles through email. One wouldn't even have to have full internet access and transmission of articles would happen conveniently through the email queue. A mail filter could remove received articles from the incoming folder and queue them for access by the offline reader. The articles should probably be XML formatted attachments to allow exact import into the database of the offline reader, which, given the size of Wikipedia, should be located on a school server or other server. --Fasten (Wikinews: Aktion Deutschland Hilft asks for donations after the earthquake in Indonesia) 12:02, 21 October 2009 (UTC)Reply
    • In which areas of the world are schools that do have computers but polling email through pigeon-post would still make sense for them? (No, not using RFC 1149) Reference projects with penguins pigeons might generate media attention and promote emulation, even if delivery by car might be (or become) more common. --Fasten 15:23, 10 November 2009 (UTC)Reply