From Strategic Planning


    I use this selection to conveniently look for comments (I'd prefer a dedicated watchlist, of course).
    Proposal:Wikiversity assistant teacher program laboratory school (talk)
    Proposal:Wiki ESP (talk)
    Proposal:Allow CSL licensing for Wikibooks (talk)
    Proposal:Named revisions and coalesced revisions (talk)
    Proposal:Education search engine and web filter (talk)
    Proposal:Wikifying browser (talk)
    Proposal:Multiple watchlists (talk)
    Proposal:Distribute computers to schools in developing countries (talk)
    Proposal:Purchase content from Thomson Reuters for Wikinews (talk)
    Proposal:Cooperate with (and/or operate) ebook shop(s) (talk)
    Proposal:Wikijobs job search engine (talk)
    Proposal:Authoring groups (talk)
    Proposal:BibTeX database and Bibliography namespace (talk)
    Proposal:JavaServer Pages (JSP) and templates (talk)
    Proposal:IBM NetRexx scripting (talk)
    Proposal:Netizen/Wikisociety (talk)
    Proposal:Endorse OpenDocument format (talk)
    Proposal:Display the Green Fan (EvoSwitch) logo (talk)
    Proposal:Develop cooperation model with educational publishing companies (talk)
    Proposal:Cooperate with (talk)
    Proposal:Consider use of Apache Jackrabbit GQL (talk)
    Proposal:Sugar-in-VirtualBox as a browser plugin (talk)
    Proposal:Specify intermediate format for printing Wikibooks that can be rendered with Apache FOP (talk)

    "Watchlist" of comments