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Think outside of the box

Again and again: This process suffers from a focus on Wikipedia and the other wikis. The WMF's mission is about knowledge, not about wikis. Wikis were just the first project. Unless we really, really start talking about activities beyond this "strategic process" will fizzle. My real questions are: should the WMF become an actor in international politics and get involved in education and copyright law at UNESCO and WIPO (or other organizations)? Should WMF work with think tanks or build its own think tank and develop paper based educational material? What else could the WMF do to bring "the sum of all human knowledge to all of the people" and to become the "red cross of knowledge"? That the WMF should do everything to keep the Wikipedia servers running is self explanatory. But if that is the only task, then any strategic thinking is void. --H-stt !? 11:46, 22 October 2009 (UTC)[reply]

Yes - thanks for the thinking. Agree, need to tackle Wikimedia's role in the wider world and advocate for our core messages (probably need to define these too). Would be great to have your thinking on the questions for Task force/Advocacy Agenda Task Force --BarryN 00:40, 27 October 2009 (UTC)[reply]

why not Indonesia, the Philipines

A choice is made to do special things for India and China. I do understand the issue with China. I have problems with the singling out of India.. Languages like Bengali, Korean, Indonesian and Tagalog are as deserving because of their potential for growth. I have heard the argument made that India is of less relevance (re Indian languages) because of a preference for English. This is not an issue for the languages I indicated.