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    Groups with high potential to add value

    Fully aware that this Task Force hasn't started yet, I'll add a reminder (just as much for this Task Force as for interested users, including me). We have seperate Task Forces for China, India and underdeveloped countries, so let's assume that we want to increase contribution within the forerunning, mainly Western, Wikipedias. Which groups with high potential can we think of?

    1. Women. Strengthen the community gives lots of indications that the current culture is not advantageous to the participation of women.
    2. Scholars and elderly experts. Few data point to a fruitful participation of these persons.
    3. Participants from minority cultural groups. These extend from older to newer immigrants. There are few signs that immigrants from any country outside the Old West and the Americas contribute to Wikipedia in any significant way.
    4. Participants with a handicap. People such as the deaf, blind, autist, with any sort of handicap are very seldom seen on this Community and indeed very seldom tolerated.
    5. The participants who started all this up - mainly young, male, highly educated, ambitious, white - are leaving without much of a competent follow-up.

    Well, here we are. To start the job, this Task Force hardly needs more inspiration. The follow-up for the next five years is the job of this Task Force, and it may be the most challenging of all. - Art Unbound 20:13, 11 October 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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