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From Strategic Planning

Hello, I'm Art Unbound for the Dutch Wikipedia. I haven't participated that much on Wikimedia.org or Meta except for votings, but I've been a member of the Dutch Arbcom for 1,5 years. I'm dedicated to Wikipedia since early 2006.

Dutch Wikipedia

strategy wikimedia

Participating on this strategy site ain't easy as I've found. My interest is in keeping users involved and in interesting new users to maintain this already enormous building of knowledge.

If this is your interest as well, you may want to follow my lead in the labyrinth. Two task forces are formed that will investigate the questions of how to keep this building alive and to attract new users.

One is: Task force/Community Health. This task force is now organized and well under way, but any contributions are welcome. See for current discussions: Discussion page.

The other task force is: Task force/Reader Conversion. The discussion here, is to try and transform common readers to editors. The Talk page contents will show you what topics we're at.

Don't get confused by the way we're discussing. "Liquid Threads" is a new invention that in fact looks much like the old email threads. If you're not involved yet, start at the top, say: Talk:Task force/Reader Conversion. There's a table of contents to help you further. At any point, you'll be able to:

  • reply to the last post
  • link to another post of choice
  • click "More" to get more options

If you don't want to reply to the last post, step up a level and try again.

Please enter your question on my talk page if you want to know more.

Have fun, Art.