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The conservative consensus

While advocating a safe environment is good, dial-up can’t handle banner ads. Therefore, the Wikipedias could try to get more featured articles on safe envireonment, reforestation and technology possibilities such as the use of carbon dioxide to make petroleum. From what I’ve heard on conservative radio and TV shows, Conservatives oppose making polluters pay a fee, especially when it goes to make politicians rich instead of toward balancing the government’s budget. Therefore, if Wikimedia agrees with the conservative consensus, it would oppose “cap and trade” along the lines of: polution fees increase the cost of imporving the technology. A safer welfare sysem would reduce politicians fear of going broke. This could be paid for by coining money rather than borrowing it. The term green coin might be used by Wikimedia for ultra-high denomination coins, used for the deposits of governments. -- Chuck Marean 21:58, 31 January 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]