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Reach, Task forces and the Process

Wikimedia's Reach has already extended to a host of languages even here at the strategic planning wiki. Task forces can be organized to make the Process more effective and democratic. It seems to me like an important next step if to help make some tools for categorizing, translating, completing and evangelizing the work across projects and languages. WmF has put quite a bit of structure in place, so I wish to support those structures with an infrastructure that gets the most use of Mediawiki language and project support to make it easier for more folks to ask and answer Key Questions and make the Proposals more visible and easier to find and digest. Wikimedia Chapters can link to their own resources that already exist within their home language/project spaces (Wikipedia/zh, Wikiversity/de, Wikibooks/fr, etc.) This context can be easily built from mw:Interlanguage links, redirects, soft redirects and Translation requests. However, none of these tools will be of much use at all without community participation from the "grassroots" that have built what we have so far. CQ 21:54, 1 September 2009 (UTC)Reply