From Strategic Planning

Hi! I'm Quinobi: CQ, CQ, CQ, CQ, CQ, CQ... and yeoman on freenode.

Why I'm here

I'm here because I'm interested in helping the Wikimedia community and its set of projects and languages come together even more.

Key questions: Are we are living toward the end of the Information Age?

  1. As Internet Developers set out to empower people with knowledge, are they reaching a reasonable cross-section of the population?
  2. Is participation limited to those with better English-speaking skills and computer savvy and are they using free information to exploit those less fortunate?
  3. What qualifies users of Wikimedia resources to make strategic plans?
  4. What leads to the abandonment of projects by those who seem to be doing well?
  5. Who is ultimately in charge of the Wikimedia Foundation?
  6. Can this become a true meritocracy?
  7. Is this community healthy?


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