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Some holes020:33, 19 January 2010

Some holes

These numbers are fascinating overall, and the segmentation exercise is useful. I've had the advantage of being able to see these numbers in a spreadsheet, where they're easier to manipulate, but you can do quite a bit with the tables here as well.

Some thoughts:

  • "Market Growth" is mistitled. It should read "Internet Penetration" or "Growth Potential."
  • It would be excellent to have actual annual growth numbers, both for Internet and for mobile.
  • I understand segmenting "mature" Wikipedias based on current numbers, which explains the 30% market share number as the threshold. I'm not sure we should be basing our strategy around this segmentation however. It's not clear to me that going from 30% to 50% market share is harder than going from 20% to 30%. We could use more analysis here.
  • The mobile numbers are staggering. If we really want to improve reach, we need to set targets for mobile, not just Internet penetration.
20:33, 19 January 2010