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Task Force Weekly Report: week of 2010-01-07

Task Force Name: Local Language Projects

Report of Activities

Five recommendations has been drafted and underlying material collected and analysed. These five recommendations are labeled

  • Minimize the bandwidth that is required to load pages
  • Outreach
  • Stimulate creation of content that is important for people in local regions
  • Localization of the MediaWiki software
  • simpler translation interface

This week most of the effort has gone into researching bandwidth issues and outreach strategies. Some inter task force communication has also been done with the quality task force where it has been discussed how different policies, as for example policies intended to increase quality, can be counter productive if implemented also on smaller Wikimedia projects. This has led to an extra note called "Important note about implementation of policies" in the recommendations that ain't a strategy, but a cautionary word to consider so that policies not necessarily are implemented globaly.

Planned activities for next week

The recommendation draft has been given a form that is intended to be unedited for a couple of days. In the following days discussions are intended to take place on the talk page for the recommendation documents about what recommendations to keep, and how these recommendations finally shall be formulated. And before the deadline at the 12th of January the recommendation document will be given a final edit. Anyone is very welcome to give their opinion on the talk page of the local language project recommendations.

Resources needed

Comments at the talk page.


This week Siebrand and FT2 has taken part in the discussions.

Other comments

It's time to finalize the recommendations. So the last chance to help improving it is this week.


The Task Force material can be found in the local language projects sidebar.

Submitted by: Dafer45 01:28, 7 January 2010 (UTC)