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    Targeting cellphones for WP 1.0

    Given the penetration of cellphones in the developing world, the Offline Talkforce considers the cellphone platform to be a priority. It was agreed that whatever format the WP 1.0 release is in, it should be convertible to an HTML dump.

    There is already a supplier for wikipedia on cellphones - http://www.wikipock.com/ . The Wikipock collection is 7 GB, which includes all the English WP, as well as ES and PT But no pictures or infoboxes.


    1. storage capacity
      • Modern phones in 2009 have micro-SD slots - that (to date) have capacities up to 32 Gig
      • We are targeting phones in 2011 or so
      • The phone itself has more limited storage - sizes of 16Meg to 64Meg would be useful to target
      • Content might be selective - full articles, lede only, pictures or not, references or not
    2. presentation
      1. A reader
        • allows custom storage format, search
        • must be built for each platform - Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android
        • User:Kelson warned that the ZIM file might need to be device-specific
        • User:Aude explores SMS and voice gateways on Talk
      2. cellphones built-in browser
        • All targeted phones will have one
        • May require inefficient storage like uncompressed HTML
        • Mozilla Fennec, a mobile-browser project, and embedding APIs may provide a future browser-based reader functionality.

    Third world preloading of cellphones

    A long discussion by User:Dafer45 on the Talk: page of this article can be summarised as :-

    • Create an application suitable for mobile phones that can hold a large amount of articles
    • Compile a list of important an well written material for each country/region/language
    • Convince mobile phone developers to depending on which country/region/language it distributes its phone to, to preload these phones with a localized version of the application with the material from the corresponding list.

    Use of online mobile access

    • Possible to be a telcom service?