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Task force/Strategy/Goal guidelines

From Strategic Planning

For this last phase of the strategic planning process, the goals of the movement need to be decided and articulated. This page articulates some guidelines for what makes a good goal and how to converge on some good ones.

Good Goals

Good, movement-wide goals have the following attributes:

  1. They should have a big impact based on our theory of change. A theory of change suggests ways to make progress toward the Wikimedia vision. Good goals should fit into that theory.
  2. They are measurable. It should be possible to track how much headway the movement is making toward these goals.
  3. They should take into account the Wikimedia movement's current capacity.
  4. They should be integrated. They should reinforce one another and support each other.


Some initial goals have been proposed at Strategic Plan/Goals. As a way of moving forward, the strategy task force should incorporate the feedback from the Task force/Recommendations, refine the theory of change, and propose some high-level goals. If we repeat that process a few times, I think we'll come to good convergence on a set of goals.

Note that the recommendations are possible ways to achieve goals. They are not the same thing. There should be a separate section on the wiki where people are encouraged to continue to refine recommendations and proposals and start committing to action.