Task force/Wikipedia Quality/Action Plan

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This page is a sub-topic of the Wikipedia Quality Taskforce. It is intended to provide a process that will allow the task force to approach its mission in an organized and methodical manner.

Steps to develop Quality Task Force (QTF) recommendations.

Develop Framework

Agree on a framework for the QTF, and how recommendations will be developed, including what deliverables will be needed.

Define Quality Task Force Objectives

  1. Define what Wikipedia Content Quality means.
    1. Status: Draft prepared, see Task Force/Wikipedia Quality/Definition of quality, pending additional input.
  2. Define or identify the criteria that will be used to assess Wikipedia Content Quality.

Identify Content Quality Issues

  1. Identify Barriers to Content Quality
    1. Status: Draft Prepared, see Task force/Wikipedia Quality/Barriers to quality, pending additional input.
  2. Identify the types of Content Quality problems with example of articles that exhibit each problem
  3. Arrange Content Quality Issues (Quality problems and Barriers to Quality) by priority.

Inventory Proposed Solutions

  1. Itemize the solutions that have already been proposed, including those here
  2. Associate each solution with one or more Quality Issues.

Develop Proposals

Develop one proposal at a time, starting with the proposal that will best address the highest priority QI.

  1. Identify proposals to develop
  2. Identify research tasks for each proposal
  3. Assign research tasks for each proposal
  4. Prepare research findings for each proposal
  5. Develop each final proposal as a final recommendation