This letter and next steps

This letter and next steps

I want to clarify something about this letter and also the task force recommendations. All of this work is intended to provoke discussion, and it has certainly worked! However, there's a third and final step that has to happen. This work needs to converge toward a movement-wide five-year strategic plan.

This letter was specifically written by Sue to the WMF board to 1. summarize where the conversations here seemed to be moving; and to 2. specify the Foundation's role in this emerging strategy. She posted it here because she wanted feedback, and she's incorporated some of the feedback into her letter. But at the end of the day, it's her letter, and it represents a Foundation position.

Here's where all of us come in. We don't need to wait for Sue to change the wording of her letter. We don't need to wait for Task Forces to revise their recommendations. We need to take the work that's been done and start incorporating the discussion into a plan written by us, for us. There is a page set up for this already (Strategic Plan 2010-2015), and it's seeded with some content. Everyone should feel free to edit those pages.

Here's what I would recommend as a format. Think of Sue's letter as a model for what the "first page" of the plan might look like. It would then be followed by a list of priorities, which link to more detailed work.

Thoughts? Anyone want to take a first pass at drafting such a "first page"?

Eekim22:53, 25 January 2010