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From Strategic Planning

What changes to wikimedia's technology would enable a friendlier and more welcoming environment? In some way I got lost in the discussion. Pages with comment on comments, going on and on. Very confusing. In a wiki it is possible to put new questions and new threads on new pages. why did not you do that? It is not the technology that is making wikimedia an unfriendly environment. It is the people that are using the technology that loose their friendly and kind behaviour. I do participate in other wiki environments where a friendly way of helping people is organized and where technology is used to make living in a wiki a nice thing.

In wikieducator one can take the role of neighbourhood watch. this role is to 'talk to new people in the neighbourhood' introducing them, helping. The existence of this role shows care of that wiki commnunity for new members and members with problems.

I did read some questions of new participants to this discussion. Most of the questions were: where can I start? most of the answers were : just start somewhere, read the instructions. (I am a newby and I think that not an answer to that question) A lot of people did not keep it up till now, they just disappeared. What technology did we use to keep these people in the discussion? Did we make them feel welcome? Did we care so much to look after them?