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Wikimedia movement/en

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The Wikimedia movement is the totality of people, activities, and values that revolve around Wikimedia projects. It includes anyone who makes a valuable contribution to or consumes the product of Wikimedia's free knowledge initiative. It could be viewed as:

  • a collection of values ("free as in freedom" access to knowledge for everyone, community based collaboration, etc.);
  • a collection of activities (projects, conferences, workshops, wikiacademies, etc.);
  • a collection of organizations (Wikimedia Foundation (en), Wikimedia Chapters, etc.), as well as similar-minded organizations and unaffiliated individuals. (See movement roles for further discussion.)
Sketch of the movement, putting people at the heart

People comprising the Wikimedia movement include, but are not limited to:

  • promoters, conveyors or users of free information for education and culture
    • educators, and educational or cultural institutions
    • students (at all degrees)
    • social and educational NGOs
    • content liberators
    • digital restorationists
  • contributors
    • editors, also known as Wikimedians (Wikipedians, Wiktionarians, etc.)
    • developers (of MediaWiki for example)
    • other volunteers
    • localizers
    • donors
  • Wikimedia Foundation (en) and Wikimedia Chapters staff, contractors, and volunteers
  • Jimmy WalesSee interview
  • Other stakeholders (en)

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