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Barriers to Wikimedia use


  • Off-line access

Technology Access

  • Mobile access
  • Literacy/computer literacy
Internet access
Percent of population who uses the Internet, by region and select countries [1]
Region Country Percent of population who uses Internet
Asia & Pacific 17%
Australia 72%
China 22%
India 7%
Japan 70%
Korea 78%
Taiwan 66%
Europe 48%
France 51%
German 76%
Russian 22%
United Kingdom 80%
Latin America 22%
Argentina 28%
Brazil 36%
Mexico 21%
Middle East & Africa 10%
South Africa 10%
North America
Canada 73%
United States 71%
Mobile access

Despite its popularity as a reference for Internet users, Wikipedia is lagging behind other providers for news and reference on mobile phones.

Access Restrictions

  • Censorship
  • Net neutrality issues

Reasons people with access do not use Wikipedia

  • Alternatives ( need to look at selected geographies/languages)
  • Negative perceptions


  1. Data on Internet use from the International Telecommunication Union 2008ITU data