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This page is designed for:

  • Scheduling strategic planning meetups.
  • Organizing strategic planning sessions at other meetups.

If you organize a meetup or session, list it below, and share what emerges from the conversations.


Dates Country Place Notes Strategy Discussion?
2010-07-9/11 Poland Gdansk Wikimania 2010 Yes


On the Dutch Wikipedia a "forum" is organized wikipedia:nl:Wikipedia:Over_de_toekomst/Strategic_Planning to discuss this Strategic Planning process in Dutch.

The German chapter has organized their own planning project, details at Village_pump#Kompass_2020_-_Wikimedia_Deutschland.27s_strategy_planning_process

WikiProject Oregon has a monthly WikiWednesday meetup, the first Wednesday of every month, in Portland. We talk about many wiki-related things, not just Wikimedia projects; currently we're setting up a city wiki and planning a conference for next spring. But Wikimedia strategy discussion would be an excellent addition. Details: pdx.wiki.org


Dates Country Place Notes Strategy Discussion?
2010-04-15/8 Germany Berlin m:Chapters meeting 2010 Yes
2009-12-26/27 Chinese Speaking regions Macau Chinese Wikimedia Conference 2009 Yes
2009-11-25 Brazil São Paulo Wikimedia Unconference 2009 or in English Yes
2009-11-25 Egypt Cairo Announcement, Arabic, English Yes
2009-11-22 Japan Tokyo Wikimedia Conference Japan 2009. Notes at Meetups/Wikimedia Conference Japan 2009. Yes
2009-11-18 Brazil São Paulo Wikimedia Unconference 2009 or in English; Philippe to attend. Notes at Meetups/Wikimedia Brasil Unconference 2009. Yes
2009-11-14 United States San Francisco Meetups/WMF Board Meeting (November 14, 2009) Yes
2009-11-06/8 Hong Kong Kowloon Blogfest.asia & Hong Kong Blogger Conference Yes
2009-11-05/8 France Paris m:Multimedia Usability Project Meeting France/Schedule. Organizing a Foundation/Chapters meeting to precede the gathering (November 5). Yes
2009-10-25 Hong Kong Siu Lam, NT Autumn Meet-up, 2009 Yes
2009-10-24/25 Russia SPbSU ITMO, Saint Petersburg Russian Wiki-Conference 2009 Yes
2009-10-14/15 Norway Wikipedia Academy in Bergen
2009-10-03 Catalan Countries Figueres Summary Pictures Catalan TV news talking about the meeting in Figueres Yes
2009-09-24 United States D.C. User:Eekim will be there to talk strategy. Pictures. Yes
2009-09-22 Spain Barcelona One web day discussion focused on lack of volunteers. English summary of conclusions, Catalan full minutes of the meeting Yes
2009-09-16 United States Tulsa, OK (Association for Computing Machinery at University of Tulsa) Philippe to speak Yes
2009-09-13 United Kingdom London Second Sunday of each month
2009-09-13 United States New York City strategy on the agenda Yes
2009-09-12 United States Philadelphia Audio recording made as part of at larger conversation; strategy discussion starts at ~23 minutes Yes
2009-09-12 – 2009-09-13 Poland Sopot GDJ 2009 (3rd edition)
2009-09-12 – 2009-09-13 Australia Melbourne BarCamp Melbourne. User:Pfctdayelise gave a lightning talk on the strategic planning process. Yes
2009-09-05 United Kingdom Manchester
2009-09-05 United States Nashville
2009-08-26 – 2009-08-28 Argentina Buenos Aires Wikimania 2009. Strategic planning notes Yes
2009-08-16 India Bangalore
2009-08-14 Norway Oslo
2009-08-09 Australia Melbourne
2009-08-09 United Kingdom London Second Sunday of each month
2009-08-05 United States San Francisco Meetups/Wikimedia-Bridgespan Workshop (August 2009) Yes
2009-07-25 – 2008-07-26 United States New York City w:Wikipedia:Meetup/NYC/Wiki-Conference 2009 Yes
2009-04-03 – 2009-04-05 Germany Berlin m:Category:Chapters meeting 2009

Wikipedia's List

A global list is at Wikipedia:Meetup

Meta's list

See Meetup and the chapters meeting subgroups.

Organizing a Strategic Planning Meeting

General advice on organizing a strategic planning meeting:

  • Capture notes from your meeting here on this Wiki. If there are concrete proposals, add them to the Call for Proposals.
  • Be sure to use a sign-in sheet and let us know who was there! (Fail: We forgot in Buenos Aries, but I think we can recreate it from the photos)
  • Other things to include: the graphic windows exercise; suggested discussion points

Use the meeting suggestions at Meetups/Plan a meetup as a starting point - but feel free to adjust or create new processes for your own group. The only requirement is that you share the results of your meetup with this wiki!