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A animated television series that teaches children the importance of Wikipedia in their school studies


This would be an education/informative TV-Y or TV-Y7 (without any fantasy violence) rated children's television cartoon that would teach the children about the ways the Wikipedia works to give them a broader definition of the world. It should be broadcast on either PBS Kids Go or CBS's Cookie Jar TV for the best opportunity to become classified as an educational cartoon for children on a Saturday morning or a weekday.


There are cartoons about literacy and vocabulary but there's none about learning how to read Wikipedia articles, edit Wikipedia articles properly, or how to properly use information from Wikipedia in grade school/junior high projects. We need to use television in order to educate and inform children about Wikipedia.

Key Questions

  • How can Wikipedia be animated properly?
  • Can it take place in a fantasy world or does it have to be set in reality?
  • Do we introduce a "good vs evil" theme or make it like Arthur or Caillou (no villains)?
  • Can we get a TV-Y rating and still explain Wikipedia properly or do we need a TV-Y7 rating?
  • What age range would we pitch this at, and shouldn't that be at least as old as Wikipedia itself is pitched at?

Potential Costs

creating the cartoons, Internet advertising, post-production, paying the staff and the voice actors


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