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Wikimedia Foundation Board Meeting at the 2006 Wikimania


Provide video or at least audio recordings of board meetings and transcripts when possible, excluding personnel, pending negotiations, and litigation matters. (not understandable --Saeed.Veradi 14:58, 10 October 2010 (UTC))


The Foundation should set an example for the most transparent governance possible. Board deliberations and meetings (apart from matters discussing personnel, ongoing negotiations, and potential or pending litigation) should be recorded and transcribed, with the resulting information made available to all.


The Foundation should have the best governance possible, and good governance is nearly universally recognized as being strongly correlated with transparency.

Key Questions

Are there any reasons to shield board deliberations from public view and scrutiny, aside from matters dealing with personnel, negotiation, or litigation?

Potential Costs

Probably less than $1000 per board meeting.


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