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Maybe I'm a bit slow but the existing means for considering the Uploading process is too convoluted,and hardly pragmatic in it's presentations, which is sure to be a discouraging factor to many would be contributers. Even here the random distinctions of Summary, Proposal, and Motivation involve the same matter or material, and so can without further clarification prove redundant. In fact the existing Thread pool must exist in some form but it reads currently like a rambling madman.-- 19:11, 13 August 2009 (UTC)


To my way of thinking the Image Thread should be a simple triple pool. The first should be a direct Personal Photo-stream, or if you prefer Image Gallery. This should be connected directly to the user and the only, and I should think more practical if not merely expedient Upload venue. The upload process should be a simple process of jpeg exclusive images and should work directly with any standard computer and not require any alteration of the users original catalog data. This would therefore require a browser page like Flicker's, Red Bubble or G-Mail Photo minus any editing device. The editing is the strict responsibility of the user. Thus the function serves a holding and test file prior to any formal introduction for usage and in order to keep the volume down and discourage these Image Galleries from being used for mere storage, images not used in the other image threads should be automatically deleted after a 30 day period and the maximum Personal Image Gallery should be limited to 30 items unless they find specific usage.

The second thread should be a Common Gallery which can be donated to only by transfer from an Image Gallery. To make a transfer an Information page should require, a Title, Caption or Description, Author, Date, and Copyright information, while at least one Tag should be mandated and the Size should carryover from the original upload. This user friendly Commons should be open to all and easy enough to Browse by searching a Title, Tag or persons name. All images not assigned to a specific page should be held here along with those in use. The main Browser page should show the Thumbnail and Title only of any image there, but can be clicked for a larger view and the remaining information. This should also be a voter page, which is explained by the third Gallery input.

The third distinction is for use, but what I suggest here is that if a subject already has an image that image must stand until voted over in the Common Gallery. The process of voting is open to all members of Wikipedia and is a function like Favorites in Flickr or Red Bubble, that is you are not faving a collection to your page, just voting on replacing an existing image to enhance the quality of a Wikipedia Article.

Naturally then if no image exists which includes new entries the user can upload directly from the Personal Gallery to any such Article, erstwhile an Alert Icon can be attached to any existing Article that has a selected image, to inform others that more images on the subject can be seen in the Common Gallery, but again similar to the Personal Gallery, images will be deleted after 90 days without formal use. -- 19:11, 13 August 2009 (UTC)


As my background is in Art & Photography, I am inspired to make what contributions I can but following the existing process is to daunting! -- 19:11, 13 August 2009 (UTC)

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I have no idea what the potential cost will be but I do think it a worthwhile venture at any fair bid cost.


See the ease of using Flickr, G-Mail or Red Bubble! See also the similar proposal under Proposal:Make Commons more accessible to the average visitor and Proposal:Get another CMS for Commons.

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