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If not English, in what language is this proposal submitted?: German; translated from Proposal:Beendigung der Machtspiele

  • Translator's note: No guarantee for the accuracy of this very fast translation. 10:15, 16 August 2009 (UTC)


I can only see a secure future in Wikipedia, if the information becomes neutral and independent again, and when not everything needs to be permanently debated and/or discussed to death.


There should be permanent editors who have demonstrated the highest levels of neutrality and freedom of assessment. These editors should be the only ones who are allowed to alter pages. I suggest that everyone can join in the discussions and make contributions, but that either the editor alone should decide what should be done, or that a vote should be taken. One could also introduce an assessment system, or even allow the editor to be assessed - if one wants everything to be as democratic as possible.



As it stands at the moment, the current work of reference often contains opinion instead of information, or opinion cloaked as information, as well as polemic and falsehoods. The Wikipedia has failed in its objectives here. Every alternative contributor who does it better, is a reason to ignore Wikipedia links, and if alternative contributors were commercially supported, they could degrade the Wikipedia. I would not like to see the Wikipedia in this position in the future, and therefore things need to change dramatically.

Potential costs

Costs would sooner be lowered [ ]: The pages would not need to be reconstituted after every unilateral and incorrect change, but rather be changed by the editor. This way time, traffic, and money could be saved.

Translated from Proposal:Beendigung der Machtspiele

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