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To create a defined relatively low-traffic mailing list for foundation announcements.


Anthony writes: I propose the foundation-announce-l mailing list be set up with the following posting rules:

  • Bulleted list item One post per person per thread. That includes the initiator of the thread.
  • Responses in a thread must be in response to the original message. No responding to responses.
  • A person may initiate a maximum of two threads per week. Exception for foundation staff, board members, list administrator(s), and with permission of the list administrator(s). Responses per week are unlimited subject to rules 1 and 2.
  • Posts generally do not go through a moderation queue. Anyone breaking the rules will be put on moderation or unsubscribed at the discretion of the list administrator(s).


It can be a real challenge to sort through high traffic mailing lists to look for announcements.

Key Questions

Potential Costs

Only the staff time in setting up the list (very very minor) and the cost of archiving the list with the others (unknown).


This proposal was created on foundation-l by Anthony and is available in that lists's pipermail archive.

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