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Create a tool that would allow the consolidation of certain portions of the fixed terms between languages. Unification could relate to the categorization, and in the case of passwords biographical birth and death dates, as well as data from infoboksów together with the accompanying footnotes (and even entire templates footnotes).


Each language version could develop your own organization of the password. For example, in different languages use different date formats and in this case, each version would have its own format called. Exist but a common space where the data would be placed in a uniform manner. This could be a common area of import data from a particular language, and vice versa. Could be noted such as import of all categories, if you were to match, or choose to import specific categories (eg if in a given language version of the password does not apply exactly the same as in other versions).

Alternatively, this idea could be done on the basis of the templates manually inserted instead of the common space, but this seems to me to be less convenient.


This would allow you to:

  • Unify certain sections of fixed terms (such as date of birth and death categories, the data in infoboxes, interwiki, and others)
  • Establish one version of the facts
  • Accelerate the completion of certain terms information participating in any language

Key questions

Problems may arise from the divergence of information from different sources. Would have to be so common zestrzeń to discuss, in order to develop one version, although an additional problem may be the language barrier.

One should also determine what permissions the user must have in order to use this feature, as the problem would be inconsiderate to import everything, including the erroneous information.

Another issue would be to determine whether the data is to be updated on a regular basis in all versions of the common space, or would be allowed on each individually.

The potential costs

None - volunteers needed. Alternatively wliczyć could be an additional burden for servers, but who knows whether or not to import such data would contribute to the relative decline in the number of editions with an increase of their quality (it would not be technical or editorial errors, only if the substantive).


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