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Make a Wikimedia site for generalized templates.


Like with Commons, create a site which would be used for generalized templates and data for all Wikimedia sites.

We should be able to include, for example, from Wikipedia in Serbian, a template for France -- {{france}} -- but in Serbian -- {{француска}}. That template should be updated at one place (at and contributors on sr.wp shouldn't care about how many inhabitants France has or who is the president of France (about the president: they should just translate their name).

We should also see the most of generic data there: what is the temperature now, what is the relation between USD and EUR and so on. All of those templates should be called through the template system: {{TEMPERATURE PARIS 2009-09-29 12:00}}.


There are a lot of wasting efforts all over the Wikimedia projects. One Wikipedia template has been made hundreds of times on all language projects. Hundreds of contributors take care about data accuracy of the same data.

Potential Costs

  • MediaWiki extension: ~20.000 USD at most.
  • Set up of another Wikimedia site and linking it to other sites: ~10.000 USD.
  • However, it would decrease wasting human time and resources if implemented well.


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