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Proposal:Globalize Reliable Sources

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Starting with the idea that a reliable source is reliable regardless its language, this proposal aims to offer path of reflexion & suggestions to make that key resource to build article less cloistered & limited to a project or/and one language wikipedia.

The expect result is an increase of articles on subject not much covered in given language, lessening the systemic bias of each wikiproject.


  • First idea is to create in each wikipedia the equivalent of the English Reliable Source Noticeboard where a such board doesn't exist and then inter-wiki them.

    For example, if i ask one whatever a German comics website is reliable source in the English board instead to be redirected to the English Germany project, i will be redirected to German equivalent of the RSN where i will be more likely to get an answer.
  • Second idea encourage similar wikiprojects in different language to exchange their list of reliable sources.

    Using the same example, maybe the answer to my question already exists in the German equivalent of the English comics project. (There is currently no German comics project)
  • Third idea far more daring is to have Reliable Source Noticeboard in various language exchanging their findings. (It need more reflexion on the means to do so because of the potential exponential increase of paper works).


  • More likely get an answer to "Is that source reliable?" regardless the language that source can comes from.
  • More easier to write articles on something not much covered by the given language.
  • An indirect way to fight the systemic bias of each wikipedia.

Key Questions

  • Do we have the same standard of what constitutes a Reliable Source across the whole Wikipedia?
    • If we answer No then we prove that there are certain languages wikipedia having condescending view toward others which would be a sort of not that shiny display of cultural centralism & cultural superiority belief.
    • If we answer Yes then we must accept and encourage use of reliable sources from any language on article of any wikipedia.

Potential Costs

  • Putting Reliable Source Noticeboard where it doesn't exist will require editors to put them in place & running them.
  • Cross-language editors will put in contributions as they will have probably to enter in contacts with others languages similar projects editors.
  • A lot lot lot lot more brainstorming & goodwill.


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