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Proposal:Hold a Wikipedia field day at Valley Heights Secondary School

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A Wikipedia field day at Valley Heights Secondary School (Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada) and 10 other high schools a year to demonstrate the amazing possibilies of Wikipedia for students, teachers, and staff members alike.


Hold a big assembly demonstrating the amazing power of Wikipedia while showcasing articles created by local Wikipedians - from 100 miles or less from the school(s)


We need to get the high school kids more involved in Wikipedia as a research tool for their courses as well as their future career.

Key Questions

  • Do we hold this in the gym or the library?
  • How do we get 500 people on Internet-capable computers all at once?
  • Is there a chance that some articles will get blocked by the Internet filter program?
  • How can we get the local Wikipedians involved in the field day without disrupting their schedule?

Potential Costs

just the time and effort for these people to come out


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