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    Commons Helper has many unresolved problems [1]. It's successor is not ready for productive use. But there are thousands of images yet to be transfered to Commons.


    Pay someone to fix the CommonsHelper problems, maybe Magnus Manske who by the way is the original author of MediaWiki. It would also be great if the procedure could be even more automatisised.


    Wikimedia Commons is the place for images, but there are still great media treasures or copyright violations hidden deeply in some local Wikipedia installations and people keep uploading them there without categories or any way to find and reuse them. Moving them half-manually with PHP-scripts and bots, then checking the bot moves and correcting the same bot-transfer-errors over and over again is time wasting and frustrating.

    Key Questions

    Who is going to fix it and can the process be simplified?

    Potential Costs

    • low


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