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  1. Achieve continued growth in readership
  2. Focus on quality content
  3. Increase Participation
  4. Stabilize and improve the infrastructure
  5. Encourage Innovation


Create the social network that will change the world and improve all wikimedia projects as a side note.


KiIsWhoWi is the WhoIsWho Wiki. It matters because the KeyIsWhoWe are.

Every user with an account can add people and comment on them. He can give his personal opinion about others and he can vote on their expertise in predefined categories. His vote is weighed by his expertise rating in the same or (to a lesser degree) related categories. These categories also extend to moral and subjective properties like how nice the rated person is or how reliable. His freely edited comment on a person can only be changed by himself. Every activity of a user can be traced back to his page and is also tracked on his page.

Relations between people are also traced (see Xin and Clans in ExtremeGoverning in references).


  1. Make the world a better place.
  2. Improve wikimedia projects

Let's start with 2. See framing Framing.

  • By adding people to the wiki process, these people are motivated to paticipate - reach is extended to persons who are otherwise not motivated to participate.
  • Quality is improved by giving more weight to experts (see expertise rating) in wikipedia.
  • By building a social network, people are motivated to participate. Expertise rating could also be influenced by persistent contributions to wikipedia. High expertise may improve job oppertunities and potential salary which may motivate people to participate.

And now for 1.

  • It is wikimedias mission to bring all the knowledge of the world to everybody. Information about other people is essential in everyday life. Currently this knowledge is commercially monopolized by the big players of the web. If we don't want to live in some cyberpunk world where big business owns everybody and everything, we have to reclaim that kind of knowledge.
  • People don't really care for money. Sure, we like owning things. But the real game is about social status. We mainly rate social status by money which is responsible for a lot of bad decisions. KiIsWhoWi deals out social status directly which may improve decisions.

Key Questions

  • Is this legal? I guess without traceability as outlined above it would not be. With tracability it probably is.
  • Will it work? Only if it has considerable reach and impact on the real world. But then people will do the right thing in their own interest.
  • Big Brother on steroids? Googlezonbaycebook is Big Brother on steroids and it is opaque. Big Brother is about reigning by disinformation and terror - i.e. the world today. KiIsWhoWi would more likely propel tolerance. By making the knowledge everybody's knowledge, the edge is taken out of 1984.

Potential Costs

The world you know.

  • You'd have to relocate the servers and the foundation to a legal jurisdiction where you can freely criticise other individuals without concerns of truth or verifiability
  • Loss of those editors who are concerned about issues such as libel and wouldn't want to be associated with a site dedicated to gossip and slander


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