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Right to left languages deserve the same quality of support that left to right languages do.


Fix all the issues that exist for the right to left languages among others Arabic, Hebrew, Persian ..


I know that there are grumblings in the RTL communities about the support they get.. The Commons Special:Preferences is broken.

There is nothing done to fix Arabic PDF generation (collection extension) yet [1][2].

We should first advertise using a poll in the Arabic Wikipedia that asks: Which of the following issue do you thing should be solved first:

  • Fixing right-to-left issues
  • Synchronizing picture of the day with the English Wikipedia
  • Stabilizing the infrastructure

it can also ask for volunteers to participate.

Key Questions

  • RTL issues are hard to fix. only "native RTL language speaker" advisor think it worth the effort. can enough motivated task force be gathered?

Potential Costs

  • This is where we need a developer who has done this before.
  • We can try to salvage the work that has been done in the past and that was never finished


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