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Proposal:Universal User Page

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The User: namespace is used for the User/Contributor pages. This is often an area where users add information about themselves but also their ongoing activities, contributions or acting as an interaction space with other Wikipedia contributors. Currently, if you are contributing in multiple wikipedia projects, you have a different User: space per wikipedia project. This is difficult for User/Contributor to maintain all the different pages and the redirect is breaking the flow of Users when browsing on a specific Wikipedia project.


A specific namespace could be created to have a global user page. This could be activated on unified accounts with a specific parameter for universal user page.


That would ease the user/contributor to have a single page to make notes, discuss with others or inform about their competencies.

Key Questions

  • Does the universal user page should be enable by default? or per user request/config?
    • I would suggest no as some contributors have really a different pages per project. TBD
  • Should the Universal User Page include a functionality to merge existing User: page into the universal one. (just like the unified login)
  • Does this proposal apply to user talk pages, too?
    • I would say "yes". What's the impact on talk: namespace?
  • What about across languages? Should we put these pages at, say, user.wikimedia.org ?

Potential Costs

  • More load on the registration process
  • A relatively small amount of developer time


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