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To initiate WikiPals,a global brotherhood of Wikipedians.


Wikipedia is a community.But relations between wikipedians is not enough. What is hereby proposed is to create something like 'Pen pal corner',where wikipedians can have relations with other Wikipedians. To talk,ask questions,to have friends allover the world will be fascinating.] WikiPals will be maintained just like another Wiki project,where people can see. Each others userpages will be in easy access, and the friend-finder may roam thorugh to find out one. Each other can mention there interests in their userpages,and other people who are interest may ask them to be their friends. Don't be misunderstood, I'm not going to ask for another FACEBOOK. The friendships in WikiPals will be mainly build upon wikipedian tasks. And that'll be great I assume already there are good friends in Wikipedia,but they don't have a common place to keep there frindships. Mainly only on their Userpages,Autographbooks and talk pages.

What I'm Proposing is a separate project dedicated to enhance the bonds and friendships of Wikipedia,not concerning the country,continent,or even the language. ALL WIKIPEDIANS IN A COMMON PLACE SHARING KNOWLEDGE, MAKING FRIENDSHIPS, BEING HAPPY AT ONE ANOTHER'S ACHIEVEMENTS AND BEING SAD AT ONE ANOTHER'S FAILURES


What do you think???


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