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Collecting the results of closed sportevents from Wikipedia into a separated project.


  • Let's start a new Wikimedia project for collecting the historical sportresults!
  • A domain name would be required. Wikisport.org for example.
  • WikiSportAlmanach should exist in multiple languages (like Wikimedia Commons)


  • Many articles on many Wikipedias contains only results of sportevents without text, photos and sources. The most article of former olympic events tells nothing about the competition, nothing about the participants. This is not the encyclopedical form of informating.
  • I think the results of closed ice hockey championships, old olympics games is not encyclopedic data, but data of intresting.

Key Questions

  • Conflict is possible with the data collecting organisations, like RSSSF
  • License problems: is a sportresult public domain, (C), or can be published under cc-by-sa-3.0?

Potential Costs

  • Low bandwidth costs
  • Cost of a new domain


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