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Proposal:Wikijobs job search engine

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A semantic wiki that offers a job search engine.


A semantic wiki with vacancies and curricula vitae. Wikijobs could allow anybody to enter a personal hResume and to submit the resume to connected job search engines and related services. A special function could be to invite companies to post a certain amount of vacancies with a 28+7 work schedule, allowing specifically to contribute to Wikimedia (including Wiki E-mentoring) and other social contributions (as determined by policies of the employer).

There may not appear to be a particular reason for wiki format because pages would usually be edited by a single user or group of users (and even require access restrictions) but the semantic structure of the wiki and resulting search functions might be interesting and create an active community of participants.

The service could also be used by other job search engines because the data would be public. Non-public resumes could either be allowed in the wiki or could be left as a market niche for third parties.


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  • Service would be suitable to generate revenue.


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