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Proposal talk:Named revisions and coalesced revisions

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Latest comment: 14 years ago by AVRS in topic combining edits

editing edit summaries

Currently only oversighters can edit edit summaries, I can see an advantage to editing an edit summary as it is annoying when you realise you made a typo in one, but I can also see this as an annoying complication. WereSpielChequers 15:23, 13 October 2009 (UTC)Reply

combining edits

I'm sure we've all failed to hit preview, or not noticed that we'd logged out and accidentally edited as an IP then relogged on to sign an edit. I've certainly edited individual sections of an article to avoid edit conflicts. So an option after editing to combine all your consecutive edits to an article with one new summary would simplify edit histories if users used it. And an option to re-sign an edit you made as an IP once you've logged on would save the occasional oversight - you could even make it an option, this PC has made the following edits since you last logged on, tick here to reassign them to your account. WereSpielChequers 15:23, 13 October 2009 (UTC)Reply

Reply to the mention of this proposal here: this and Proposal:A quick and easy way to release all rights to a contribution for anonymous users aim to address different parts of the licensing issue.

  • That one is about the edit you are doing at the moment and haven't saved yet.
    • There is no need for cookies, a stable IP address, or an account.
    • The choice is only available until the edit is saved.
    • It is binary and limited to the licensing.
  • This one is about the edits you have already saved.
    • You have some control over the edits you had saved.
    • You can tie it to your account and probably mark it as if you were logged in when you did it.
    • How to determine whether a user should be given the right to claim an edit?
      • Cookies
        • Safer than using the IP address.
        • One can remove cookies often and/or automatically, e.g. on a browser shutdown.
      • Same IP address
        • It is still possible to use proxies to edit articles, so if cookies are not used, someone could claim another's edits. So this option should not be used without cookies.
        • Many people have dynamic IPs, which change on reconnect (e.g. you save an edit, and suddenly your connection breaks) or after some time. If cookies alone is not enough, what about the same ISP?
    • What about those who have no account or do not want to log in?
      • Same criteria?

--AVRS 14:15, 1 November 2009 (UTC)Reply

"Same criteria?" ... for what? For claiming an edit without logging in? Purpose? --Fasten 15:36, 1 November 2009 (UTC)Reply
E.g. for correcting or adding an edit summary. --AVRS 17:34, 1 November 2009 (UTC)Reply