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Every week, this page highlights interesting data in Wikimedia-pedia as a way of focusing the strategic discussion. On Monday of each week, some data and a question will be posted. Please discuss on the talk page, or join the IRC office hours to discuss in real-time. On Wednesday, there will be a number of possible solutions posted based on the discussion, and participants will be asked to prioritize them.

Question of the week (21 December 2009)

Last week's Question of the week focused on what tactics could be used to increase users (visitors) in a specific country? This weeks question of the week asks what can Wikimedia do to support the growth of slow growth projects? Based on current growth rates, it appears that many Wikipedias could reach the size of Encyclopedia Britannica within the next five years, but that others are decades away from this goal. The following graphic shows the year when various Wikipedias are estimated to reach 120,000 articles of more than 1.5kb. The estimation was calculated using the growth rate in articles greater than 1.5kb between 5/08-5/09. The height of the bars show the number of Native speakers of the languages listed below the bars.

What can Wikimedia do to support the growth of slow growth projects? Please discuss on the Talk:Question of the week page.