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Every week, this page highlights interesting data in Wikimedia-pedia as a way of focusing the strategic discussion. On Monday of each week, some data and a question will be posted. Please discuss on the talk page, or join the IRC office hours to discuss in real-time. On Wednesday, there will be a number of possible solutions posted based on the discussion, and participants will be asked to prioritize them.

Question of the week (14 December 2009)

Last week's Question of the week focused on how Wikimedia could change its technology to enable a friendlier and more welcoming environment. Certainly new technology and increasing the friendliness is one tactic that Wikipedia might use to increase participation. The following graph shows that there are some key countries with a large online populations where Wikipedia still has significant room to increase the number of users, with users being defined as unique visitors to Wikipedia during one month. The alexa rankings of Wikipedia in several countries is below 10 implying that there is room for the website to increase in popularity. What tactics do you think could be used to increase users (visitors) in a specific country?

Wikipedia years by country.

Notes on the Graphic: ComScore only estimates use amongst people 15 and older and excludes people accessing the Internet via public Internet terminals, therefore the actual number of Wikipedia nonusers is likely lower then stated Internet use information from the International Telecommunication Union 2008; information on Wikipedia use from ComScore; ranking from as of Nov 2009

What tactics could be used to increase participation in a specific country? Please discuss on the Talk:Question of the week page.