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Participants should be sure they're familiar with the relevant background material. They should also work to identify gaps and collect and summarize more information as it becomes available.


Recommendations should be based on Template:Recommendations.


In April of 2009, the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation passed the Resolution on Biographies of living people, which resulted in the creation of the first Biographies of Living People task force. The original task force ran from September 2009 through December 2009, and was tasked with identifying and categorizing problems related to BLPs, develop solutions to the problems and create a functional policy for the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation to adopt as a project-wide resolution. The task force completed the first task and started to develop solutions, but was unable to complete its remit before the deadline.

This task force will complete the remit of the first task force, to write functional policy, which will be adopted by the Board of Trustees to enable the community to address specific problems in order to correct those Biographies.

The task force should develop answers to the following questions to help guide the development of a functional policy: .

  1. How can top down solutions be implemented in an effective manner?
  2. How can bottom up recommendations be guided through projects (particularly the English language Wikipedia)?
  3. How can a broadening of projects' understanding of the issues with BLPs be facilitated?

Task force framework

Developing drafts

Sub-topics have been opened for the following:

For general discussion of Wikimedia hosted projects
For general as well as specified discussion of the different language Wikipedias.
For discussion on the appropriate use of images of living people on Wikimedia projects.
For discussion on the use of quotes, including sourcing, on Wikimedia projects.


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