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OK, I've read all the recommendations. I've basically given them a score out of 10. This is, of course, purely my subjective take on it but I felt it was the best way for me to gather my thoughts and people can agree or disagree with my list or might be inspired to do their own list which will itself show up points of agreement.

The listed items are given by Task Force name first; recommendations often didn't have a snappy title to list them by so I have then given them a "name" which would probably be adequate to identify it to anyone who has read it. I've tried to link to the recommendations but note that some links go to a page with multiple recommendations, so be sure to locate the correct one if you're using this list as any sort of guide.

Ten points[edit]

I didn't award any tens, nothing struck me as perfect :o)

Nine and eight points[edit]

These are ones that I most feel the WMF should follow up on and I feel most enthusiastic about:

Seven and six points[edit]

These are ones that I feel positive about and would like to see actively taken up if resources allow.

Five points[edit]

These are ones I feel rather neutral about (I don't dislike them but I'm not particularly inspired by them either).

The rest I'm not keen on, except these which I just have as "do not quite understand or cannot form an opinion about"[edit]

Bodnotbod16:05, 9 February 2010