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Don't forget that this is a wiki!

Don't forget that this is a wiki!

I've followed the conversations here with great interest. There is tons of good stuff here, and overall, I'm pleased with the general direction of the conversation, including some of the tensions.

I'd like to make a general recommendation: Don't forget that LiquidThreads is a forum in a wiki. There are a lot of opportunities to use the wiki aspect of LiquidThreads to organize and focus this conversation, which is hard to follow and digest otherwise.

For example, there have been some higher-level questions about frameworks, definitions, and the like. Create/use the appropriate wiki pages for those concepts and summarize the discussions there. For example, a lot of this could go under Wikipedia quality. Earlier, there was a comment about how quality strategs depend on who you're targeting. The strategy might be different for a new user than for an experienced editor. You can use Wikimedia stakeholders as a starting point for thinking about the different people involved.

Do the same for recommendations: Synthesize what's been discussed on a draft page, and use that as a guide. Philippe seeded some pages which can be used as a starting point.

Eekim22:10, 30 November 2009
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To that end, I also created Barriers to quality, which consists of Bneihouse's outline below. It's editable there; she's requested that you make suggestions inline, rather than making out and out changes to it.

~Philippe (WMF)02:08, 1 December 2009