Gaps in recommendations: How to increase participation in under-represented group?

Fragment of a discussion from Village pump/en

That is the wiki-way.

To find a quick solution, maybe we could take a look into Interviews and list some recommendations from there? Maybe there are some proposals too.

Goldzahn11:35, 27 January 2010

I would may be suggest listing the priorities instead. I personally do not have too much time, may be couple of hours per day, and so far I was spending these two hours on replying to the remarks on the Quality Taskforce recommendations. If there are things with higher priority, like urgently looking at other Task force recommendations, or compiling things we did not have time to compile, I am willing to do them.

Yaroslav Blanter16:11, 27 January 2010

I don't think it would be a bad idea to just go over the work that the reader conversion task force did, summarize the key areas of recommendation, and then pick the top 2-4.

Randomran20:29, 27 January 2010

We shouldn´t call these pages Recommendation but Quotations, and I would add some quotations from the interviews too. I give you an example, the interview from Achal Prabhala and Lova Rakotomalala. By the way, there are some additional task forces: Task force/Africa and Task force/BLP without recommendation, but maybe there are some quotations.

Goldzahn05:00, 28 January 2010